Inu HOUSE: Enter Inu World!

Japan’s most beloved inu breeds

Meet the noble Akita Inu and the popular Shiba Inu, two of Japan’s most beloved breeds. Get up close and personal with these intelligent and charming dogs in a safe and controlled environment.


Symbol of Loyalty

The Akita Inu is a breed that is known for their loyalty to humans. They have a strong bond with their owners and are known to be protective of their family. The moving example is none other than the famous Akita Inu, HachikĊ, who demonstrated the ultimate loyalty by waiting for his owner at the train station every day for years after his owner’s passing.


Funny and I-nu-It!

If you’re looking for a laugh, the Shiba Inu is sure to put a smile on your face. This breed has become the most popular online breed, thanks to their funny expressions and pictures that have gone viral. Plus, you may have heard of the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, which features the Shiba Inu as its mascot.

An Inu-nique Experience

We understand that every dog has its own personality and traits, which is why we offer a unique experience that is different from others in the area. The genes and nature of each breed are different, which means that your time spent with our Akita Inus and Shiba Inus will be a completely unique experience from Huskitory.