A Word From The Director

The Siberian Husky is an amazing breed that has captivated me since I was young. It was a dream come true when I adopted my first Husky, Sugar, in 2010. They say you can’t just have one Husky, and that turned out to be true for me as well! As the number of Huskies in my care grew, I decided to create a special place for them – The Huskitory.

The establishment of The Huskitory was a milestone for me, as it allowed me to pursue my passion for raising and introducing this beautiful breed to others. It was a renewed sense of purpose for me, and I eventually left my previous career to fully commit to my dream job – where my colleagues are the Huskies themselves!

At The Huskitory, we don’t just showcase these majestic dogs, but also share knowledge, love, hope, and joy with visitors from all over the world. It’s an amazing feeling to see the laughter and happiness that we’ve created for thousands of visitors. The Huskitory is not just a gallery, but a home that connects people and dogs and helps us find balance between nature and mankind.


To establish world’s finest Siberian Husky interaction centre in multiple cities across the globe.


Introducing Siberian Husky while spreading love and joyful moments throughout the interaction.

Huskitory – Connecting People & Dogs

Pioneer in Siberian Husky interaction gallery by the tendency of offering guests a moment of interaction with the majestic northern sled dogs through its daily operation. Served as a platform to exchange in-depth knowledge about the breed to public from hobbyist to industry professionals set us entirely different than traditional pet business.

Blooming of tourism is nothing new in industry since the advent of globalization. However, involvement of dogs especially the Siberian Husky in tourism sector is a whole new ball game. The establishment of The Huskitory has proven that the link between two industrial sectors brought unprecedented opportunities and long-lasting growth to the film.

With the extensive experience gained throughout the years, Huskitory is running its daily operation under a unique set of S.O.P. which plays a significant role in mutual development with our partners in S.E.A. for long-term relationship.

Success is best when it’s shared. There’s faith that Huskitory is biding its time to develop as finest Siberian Husky interaction centre by sharing love & joyful moments to the world.