Exploring Melaka

Unearth, Indulge, Thrive

小妹乡村鸳鸯烧鱼 PG Village Ikan Bakar

PG Village Ikan Bakar Welcome to 小妹乡村鸳鸯烧鱼 PG Village Ikan Bakar, a hidden gem nestled in the quaint village of Melaka. Our humble homestyle seafood restaurant offers a culinary journey…

The Baboon House

Welcome to the jungle! 🐒 Welcome to The Baboon House, where a hidden jungle oasis meets the heart of Melaka’s bustling streets. Tucked away from the heat and chaos, this…

Limau Limau Café 

🇲🇾 Melaka’s Original Cafe – Est. 2005 Welcome to Limau Limau Cafe, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the city. Step into our vintage music cafe, where the…

PICO Melaka

The home of Highland Kombucha in the historic heart of Melaka. Welcome to PICO, where the serene beauty of the Melaka River meets the modern charm of our minimalist café…

迷你锅 Minipot 

Minipot Introducing the 迷你锅 Minipot Experience: Embark on a culinary journey through the heart of Chinese hot-pot culture with Minipot. Nestled in the vibrant tapestry of communal dining, Minipot redefines…

Ah Mok Shop

阿莫杂货铺 Welcome to Ah Mok Shop 阿莫杂货铺, your go-to destination for authentic Malaysian produce and traditional delicacies in Malacca, a city steeped in cultural heritage and culinary excellence. Established as…

青山侯王(二公)廟 & 白龙王公

白龍王公 Welcome to the Bai Long Wang Taoist Temple, a sanctuary steeped in over a century of history and spiritual reverence. Nestled in the heart of Melaka, this temple stands…

Pampa Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Gym Welcome to Pampa Rock Climbing, where adventure meets adrenaline in an exhilarating ascent to new heights! Nestled within our walls, climbers of all ages and skill levels…


Find your next stay with iHousing! Welcome to iHousing, your gateway to authentic Malaysian experiences through homestay accommodations and convenient car rental services. Our community of local hosts opens their…
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